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Chace Crawford Lightens Up

The most notable look of the day and what you can learn from it.
Photo: Getty Images

Bonus lesson: When you're standing next to Brooklyn Decker, no one's really paying attention to what you're wearing. Except us.

Today’s Lesson: A no-nonsense henley can lend a breezy, dressed-down vibe to your spring suit wardrobe. Mr. Crawford shows how best to pull off the look—with a slim-cut, neutral-toned shirt, an undone top button, and Brooklyn Decker hanging around your neck.

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  1. null says:

    It’s really hard to pay any attention to Chace in this picture

    But upon doing so, I notice this: that henley has at least 2 buttons too many – the bottom one looks ridiculously low and makes him look short. Brooklyn being 5’9″ + heels is probably a factor there as well, but the henley is not helping at all.

  2. Mark says:

    What color is that suit? I have a problem with borderline shades (it’s a mild red-green color blindness thing). Or maybe Brooklyn’s just throwing my concentration….

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