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Editor's Pick: Flip Camera

News broke yesterday that the Flip camera/video recorder, once the must have in the world of handheld visual capture, would be discontinued. In an era defined by party snaps, viral videos and the guerilla gotcha-ism of TMZ, the Flip (may it rest in peace) was the ne plus ultra of pocket cams. Capable of recording over four hours of heiresses behaving badly in HD and then sending the files of forthwith to the social media outlet of your choice, the Flip was probably responsible for at least a few of your smirks and scoffs (as well as the ruin of a few careers) in its four year life, before iPhone4 came along and united the world lockstep under the one true Apple God. Luckily for the nostalgists among us (and your achingly lonely polaroid collection), you can still get your hands on a remaining few Flips on Gilt Man today. The Flip is dead. Long live the Flip.

Flip Camera on sale at noon ET on Gilt Man.

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