The great whisk(e)y renaissance continues apace. The latest liquid to undergo a makeover? The stuff from Canada, known mostly for crown bottle stoppers and for providing a crucial ingredient to the old call, “7 and 7.” But recently, brands like Ontario’s Forty Creek have drawn critical attention northward, with smooth blended whiskies (always Canada’s strong suit) that don’t skimp on flavor.  That’s a fitting description for Collingwood, a velvety and dangerously habit-forming new Canuck that boasts the additional distinction of being the first of its kind to be mellowed with toasted maplewood. The result is disarmingly delicious. It’s triple distilled, which gives it a pleasant softness, but the time spent with the maplewood (after aging in white oak barrels) lends it extra savor. A glass of it smells like a spice box, or–stay with us, now–like the top dresser drawer of a dapper, sweet-smelling Southern gent. Frankly, a dab of this behind the ears would be an improvement on more than a few fragrances we’ve sported over the years. And each 80-proof nip is almost completely disguised by cinnamon, orange, and maple. Best of all, it’s selling for $26.99, so whether you plan on drinking it or wearing it (or both), you won’t worry too much about the conservation. For what it’s worth, the packaging’s nice, too. Which is good when what’s inside is worth pouring.

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