Friday Tastings: Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock

The Germans have a beer for every season and with the budding of spring, the maibock (pronounced, conveniently, “my bock”), takes its place as the brew of choice in any self-respecting bierhaus. Brewed exclusively with pale malts and packed with bright hops, it’s a beer that nicely echoes the increasingly sun-filled days. Einbecker, the 600-plus-year-old German brewery, named after the town credited with originating bockbeir, offers an annual master class in the style. Their Mai-Ur-Bock is an expressive and energetic beer, with a honeyed approach that gives way to a bold, slightly bitter hop finish. Only the 6.5 percent alcohol content hints at its hefty bock heritage. And for a few bucks more than your typical sixer (in the neighborhood of $13), you’ll have a perfect paring for the year’s first picnic or grill-out. But enjoy it now. Like the season they herald, Maibocks come and go in a hurry. Einbecker’s Mai-Ur-Bock has been out for a few weeks; come the end of May, it’ll be gone for the season. After all, they need to make room on the shelves for the summer-friendly Hefeweizen.

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