Taking Your Leather Jacket to the Tailor

The men behind Gilt MANual answer your most pressing style questions.

Can you take leather jackets to the tailor to have them taken in? I’m in Columbus, Ohio.

Well, Mr. Columbus, the answer is yes, you can have a leather jacket taken in. How it is done, and how much leeway you have, is based on the jacket and the tailor, of course. If the leather is very thick, your tailor may send you to a leather maker, since the machinery required to stitch it back together may be more robust than what’s in shop. In essence leather is just another fabric, so an expert tailor can disassemble your (thinner leather, like calfskin) jacket and reconstruct what is necessary. Certain features, like a ribbed hem, can make the process a little more complicated, but hey, that’s what you pay him (or her) for, right? Now that I’ve said leather is just another fabric, here’s one way it isn’t: It’s not made of fibers. Leather is skin, and therefore once you punch holes in it (like, with a sewing needle) those holes are there forever. This makes letting a leather jacket out very difficult, since the old seam line will still be visible. Thankfully this is not your problem, but I thought I’d put it out there for anyone else thinking about it. In Columbus and beyond.

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