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Mark Ronson Goes Drop-Crotch

The most notable look of the day and what you can learn from it.
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Black and Blue on Red All Over

Today’s Lesson: Turns out an air tie and shrunken club collar shirt look sharp with a dinner jacket. But be careful pairing them with drop-crotch, elastic cuff trousers, blue suede shoes, and platinum highlights unless your last name’s Ronson.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    this is an unlike.

  2. Arthur says:

    This was cutting edge a year or so ago, and my gut tells me this is where men’s fashion is heading..

  3. Byron says:

    A calculated mess is worse than an accidental one.

  4. Byron says:

    A calculated fashion mess is worse than an accidental one.

  5. d4l3d says:

    At the very least this is an object lesson. If you’re wearing d-cs, keep your d**n hands out of your pockets.

  6. nigel says:

    Seriously, why is this even on here?

  7. Long says:

    i don’t know
    i like it
    what a fun silhouette

    seeing men in traditional suits gets really boring after a while
    still a great look; but nothing that will make me glance twice
    i hate the shiny lapels and the blue suede shoes
    but the whole thing looks really fun
    i wouldn’t mind rocking the sh*t out of that

    seeing looks like this makes me more adventurous in pairing labels like Rick Owens & Chronicles of Never with sartorial staples

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