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Robert Pattinson Goes Long

The most notable look of the day and what you can learn from it.
Photo: Getty Images

Pattinson at the NYC premiere of 'Water for Elephants.'

Today’s Lesson: The devil is in the details. While the slim, tailored fit Mr. Pattinson is rocking here will likely never die, we suggest he be more attentive to his sleeve and pant length—and opt for a four-in-hand tie knot rather than the too-symmetrical (in this case) half Windsor.

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  1. null says:

    I don’t understand the popularity of the four-in-hand generally – I chalk that up to different people having different preferences. But it’s terrible advice to suggest it would be a better choice than a half Windsor here. He’s on the red carpet! The four-in-hand’s rakish lopsidedness looks casually disheveled even when perfectly knotted, and would be totally mismatched to the more classically, formally stylish look Pattinson is going for. Too symmetrical? Why not complain that his shoes match too well?

  2. Tyler Thoreson says:

    Hey there, even if we disagree over tie knots, I have to say I love the passion you bring to the subject. That’s what this site is all about.

  3. Alex says:


    Robert Pattinson is “rakish lopsidedness” personified.

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