Cut Your Losses

A nearly effortless way to turn those pants into the perfect summer shorts.
Photo: Everett Collection

Ah, to be Dickie Greenleaf...

No matter how well your clothes fit, you’ve probably got one or two billowy old pairs of khakis buried somewhere in your wardrobe. As the weather turns warm for good, don’t let them collect dust; turn ‘em into shorts (assuming, of course, you’re not one of those peculiar types who refuses to wear shorts in the city).

You could do this with a pair of scissors and a ballpoint pen, sure, but instead, take them to your local tailor. It’s a simple procedure that won’t break the bank. Just make sure you get the length right beforehand. To do that, take your favorite pair of potential shorts. Try them on, and mark exactly where you’d like your future shorts to hit (one inch above the top of the knee cap is a good place). Best to use chalk in this case as it’ll come off easy and, hey, it’s what the pros use.

One note, if a cuff is something you’re looking for; leave one inch of length for every cuff you’d like, you shouldn’t need more than two (cuffs, and inches).

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