Photo: Gabriele Stabile

The Wizard at Work: Chang in the Kitchen at Ko

For all the (entirely deserved) critical acclaim bestowed upon chef David Chang’s 12-seat NYC culinary temple Momofuku Ko, there’s at least one element of the place that’s largely escaped attention: the bathroom. That’s where you’ll find a deliberately arranged shelf of gently worn, intriguing-looking cookbooks bylined with names like Juan Mari Arzak, Yoshihiro Murata, and Jean and Pierre Troigrois. They’re the chefs whose influence Chang honors with the inventiveness, precision, and flat-out deliciousness of his own cuisine—and the recipes he looks to for inspiration. Most of these books were printed in limited quantities and are unattainably out-of-print—meaning that you had to squeeze into the closet-sized restroom of a tough-to-get-into restaurant to flip through them. Until now. We’re thrilled to announce that Chang has tracked down copies of many of these rare culinary bibles on our behalf, for a Gilt MAN Finds sale launching at noon today. Think of it as a visionary chef’s essential library—and your path to a more adventurous at-home gastronomic life. Added bonus: 100% of the sale’s proceeds go to Edible Schoolyard NYC, a charity promoting sustainability which counts Chang as a board member.

David Chang’s Rare Cookbook Library, on sale today at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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