Manual Minute

Factory Tour: A Continuous Lean

Josh and Tyler dust off their American-made waxed canvas rucksacks for a field trip to Michael Williams's world HQ in Soho.

Ever wonder what the most important men’s style blogger in the history of the Internet is like in person? As we were reminded, he’s acerbically funny and quite insightful about the way guys tend to approach fashion and style. Also, he really seems to like Bushmills (and not just because they give it to him for free).

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  1. Harris says:

    Well done guys. Michael Williams, you’re a legend. Very cool space you’ve got there too.

  2. richard says:

    Williams seems like a nice guy, but really? An overweight dude with a bad haircut, jeans, and a plaid shirt is a style icon? On what planet? It would be one thing if he wasn’t bulging out of his clothes, but given the mediocrity of the attire and the badness of the fit, surely this must be a joke.

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