Friday Tastings: Krogstad Aquavit

Because we know you’re all wondering how to commemorate Norwegian Constitution Day (May 17, of course), we thought we’d highlight the country’s traditional celebratory jam: aquavit. In fact, aquavit–the Scandinavian spirit distilled from grain or potatoes, flavored with herbs (usually caraway), and often aged in oak–is also well matched to American summer shindigs. Chilled, it’s the perfect antidote for a heavy meal (such as the kind produced on your grill). And House Spirits, out of Portland, Oregon (and makers of Aviation gin), produces a terrific one, called Krogstad (named for owner Christian Krogstad). Krogstad is un-aged, and consequently lighter than many aquavits (such as Noway’s Linie). Which is precisely why we like it this time of year. It’s flavored with caraway and star anise, and those two complementary flavors balance smartly on a teeter-totter of taste. While aquavit is traditionally downed as a shot, you may find yourself sipping this unique, valued-priced (Krogstad retails for approximately $25) offering, to better savor its spice and smoothness.

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  1. null says:

    Just a heads up… Here in Norway, Aquavit tends to be most associated with Christmas. And we sip it ;) Nothing like the taste of hard liquor whit your dinner.

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