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Like a House on Fire

Photo: Courtesy of The Burning House

Foster's Entry on The Burning House

Restless Transplant blogger Foster Huntington (who works at Ralph Lauren in his free time) has gone and done something even more impressive than kicking Jared Flint’s ass in a chug-off, he’s breathed new life into the ever-expanding, endlessly-fascinating genre of content devoted to summing up people’s personalities via the stuff they own (or at least claim to). As its name implies, Huntington’s new site, The Burning House asks people to collect the things they’d bring with they if their own homes were going up in smoke. The founder’s essentials include Naked and Famous Jeans, a Rolex Submariner, and his grandfather’s shirt, while photographer Michael Mundy apparently can’t live without his copies of Borges and J. P. Donleavy (bravo!). Gilt MANual contributor David Coggins, meanwhile, wouldn’t think of leaving the house, especially a burning one, without a pair of cap-toes, a proper necktie, and—of course—his beloved first-edition of Gatsby. (Dude, where’s the gratuitously nice notebook?) See the slideshow below for a few of our favorite examples. [via The Scout]


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  1. Michael says:

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that we can boil down our innate humanity and personality (indeed, if such things really exist) to a few material possessions that can be photographed? This exercise would be totally foreign to many people in the world, who have so few possessions that if their house (if they had one) were on fire they would simply step outside with their clothes and not have to even pick because there would be no choice.

    I find the concept and pictures quite attractive, which just goes to show what a product of products I am. Still I wonder, If my house were on fire and everything I owned were destroyed, would I still be here?

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