Pant Rise, Red Denim, the Right Collar and More Style Dilemmas, Solved

The editors of Gilt MANual tackle your latest sartorial quandaries.

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Bogie lived in a high rise

Can you explain the rise measurements on a pair of pants/trousers?
The rise is the distance between the seam at the crotch to the top of the waistline. Front and back rises (measuring the distance of the front and back sides of a pair of pants) will often be slightly different. Modern pants have a much lower rise than their ancestors causing me to look a little bit like Humphrey Bogart in my vintage suits with the belt line up by my navel. –Chris Wallace

I just bought a pair of gray suede dress shoes. Any tips on what I should wear with them?
The sun is shining, socks are disappearing and the footwear options, including your recently purchased suede gray pair, are expanding. As we’ve pointed out before, gray is a vastly underrated color for any kind of shoes. Whether these dress shoes are cap toe oxfords or country brogues you’ve got yourself many options. It being spring, I’d suggest looking to some colorful chinos–Nantucket reds, greens, and blues. Gray will play nicely off these brighter tones and let the primary colors do the heavy lifting of your ensemble’s color palette. That said, indigo and white denim would both pair nicely with these gray suedes. In fact, gray suede brogues have just jumped to the top of my shopping list. –Jared Flint

Got inspired by Gilt MAN to get a couple of white shirts tailor-made for my stint at a bank. Thing is, I’m not quite sure which kind of collar to choose without looking too formal or too casual. Also should shirts as such always have a left-breast pocket?
Never fear the collar, my friend. As the experts will tell you, nothing will do more to frame your face and give you a little bit of presence that a grown up collar. Also, we’re pretty casual around these parts so the left breast pockets are here and there, but I dare say that in a bank you will want a proper “dress” shirt, and those have no pockets at all. That being said, I will refer you to our step by step guide to picking out (and personalizing) your dream shirt. Chris Wallace

Are there any red pants for men?
I thought you’d never ask. Levi’s actually does a great pair of red denim in their slimmer 514 fit, while Cheap Monday covers just about every color under the sun in a variety of slims and straights. Of course, if you’re willing to venture beyond denim, your choices expand greatly. Dockers, Bonobos, and GANT Rugger all offer trousers in a range of reds from washed out wine to crimson blood. In fact, Bonobos hits Gilt MAN at noon on Tuesday, May 10th. It’s a great time to love cardinal. –Jared Flint

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