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The real Apollo 13 crew, back in the day.

I’m a groomsman in my friend’s wedding. The wedding is nontraditional, in that all the bridesmaids are wearing different styles of dresses in different colors. The groomsmen are wearing light gray suits, black shoes, a white dress shirt, and a tie to correspond with the bridesmaids we are paired with. The groom picked out ties that vary from solid gold to yellow and navy checkered to yellow with blue stripes to solid champagne, etc. They’re basically somewhere in the family of yellow. The groom asked us to be colorful with our sock choice. I don’t know which tie I will be wearing but in general what color and pattern should I look to go for?
It was thoughtful of your friend to choose such a versatile suit color, but I have to say, the idea of matching each groomsman’s tie to his respective bridesmaid strikes me as a tad over-choreographed. It’s not your place to disagree, of course, so play along—sort of. Wear the tie you’ve been assigned, and reach for the brightest, most electric pair of hot pink socks you can get your hands on. Seriously. They won’t go with anything wedding-related (or let’s hope they don’t!) but that’s the point. It’s important that a gentleman retain control over at least some portion of his outfit. Otherwise you’re just another kid in a school uniform, rather than a grown man in command of his own sartorial destiny. Or at least his socks. Plus, nothing telegraphs “I’m comfortable in my own masculinity” to frisky bridesmaids better than a pair of hot pink socks.

The Ultimate Wedding Accessory (Providing You Already Have a Flask)

Do you think that wearing a tie with a short sleeve shirt can look good? What would a suitable look be?—Boris
Yes! Provided you stop short of the full Apollo 13. I asked the ever-candid Mark McNairy, who does a slim, modern riff on the traditional oxfordcloth short-sleeved dress shirt, for his take. “I used to f**king hate the look, thinking it’s just not right, but last summer I did it all the time,” he told me. “But wear it with an unconstructed sportcoat, not a suit.” McNairy also recommends rolling up the sleeves. “Just turn it one time,” he said. “It’s about calculated sloppiness.” Not to mention sending a signal that you’re wearing the shirt with a wink, and not because it’s de rigeur down at Mission Control.

With the change of weather comes skin trouble. What products do you recommend to keep my skin smooth and clear this summer?
I’m glad you asked. Allow me to direct your to Nick Burns’s piece for Gilt MANual on How to Lighten Up Your Grooming Regimen for Spring, which ably addresses just that question.

I am currently looking for a new wallet. I want something distinctive and unique, any ideas?
The easiest way to achieve your dual goals is simply to shell out a ton of money for something that’s both instantly recognizable and—owing to its expense—covetably rare. Like, say, something from Goyard. I’m no rocket scientist (despite the short-sleeved-dress shirt-and-tie look I’m currently rocking), but I believe there’s some irony in the concept of spending a ton of money on a wallet. Anyway… you came to the right place, because we’re featuring several options on Gilt MAN in the weeks ahead that fit both your criteria. To wit:

Matt & Nat. [On sale now.]
Ben Minkoff. [On sale at noon ET on May 30.]
Paul Smith. [On sale at noon ET on June 2.]

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