Dispatches from Spring '12

5 Questions For... Milan Vukmirovic

The blogger behind IsaacLikes.com documents the vibe at the shows, one Q&A at a time.

Can you please state your name and your occupation?
I’m Milan Vukmirovic. Occupation? Difficult because I’m doing a lot of things. But, I’m launching a new men’s magazine for October. What is it called? The name will be official next week, it’s not official yet. It’s being registered first, so it’s a big secret. And I still have my fashion multibrand store in Miami called The Webster.

What did you like the most in Milan?
I really liked Burberry. I thought it was a really cool show, very Burberry and at the same time all the print and everything was really cool. I really liked D&G for the scarf print. I was really into it and I’m glad they did it. Even Versace with all these printed scarfs, it was really a recall of the scarf prints of the ’80s and ’90s so it was a good moment for Versace to be doing it.

What are you most excited about seeing here in Paris?
I think Paris is quite different. Milan is always a little over the top and Paris is a lot more understated, it’s much more about details. I really liked Kim Jones at Vuitton. It’s funny to see that it still looks very Vuitton but through the style of Kim Jones–the gym, the sportswear–and I think the bags were absolutely gorgeous. Dries van Noten was very beautiful, and there are still two more days to come.

What’s your personal wardrobe strategy for the week?
I always wear only what I like, what I love, but at the moment I like Balmain a lot for men. I think that Balmain is something that mixes between sporty and chic and I really like it.

Do you have a favorite drink here in Paris?
No, because I always drink Grey Goose wherever I go.

Check out Isaac’s last installment of 5 Questions For… with Dazed Digital editor David Hellqvist here.

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