Dispatches from '12

5 Questions For... Robert Rabensteiner of L'Uomo Vogue

The blogger behind IsaacLikes.com documents the vibe at the shows, one Q&A at a time.

Robert Rabensteiner, fashion editor, L’Uomo Vogue

You’re based in Milan, what was your favorite show there?
I never say I have a favorite. Every designer has a special identity and every designer has its own charm. Trussardi, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, they are all so different but all have their own identity and this is what I like.

What’s your personal wardrobe strategy for the week?
I have no week, this is my life. I wear a suit, with pyjamas sometimes, then Levi’s 501 or my work pants.

What is your favorite drink in Paris?
A martini.

Are you a blackberry or an iPhone man?
iPhone, but I hate that stuff.

What sort of shoes are those?
They are slippers by a good friend of mine, a young designer named Cecilia Bringheli.

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