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5 Questions For... GQ Creative Director Jim Moore

The blogger behind IsaacLikes.com documents the vibe at the shows, one Q&A at a time.

Jim Moore, creative director, GQ

What was your favorite show in Milan?
I think what I loved the most about Milan is there seemed to be an incredible burst of creativity. I feel like Spring/Summer is sometimes one of those seasons that slips by a little bit but I feel like this season a lot of the designers and certainly most of the top ones really worked hard on their collections to give them a little bit more dimension, a little bit more texture by adding a lot of silk and linen, a lot of prints and a lot of color. In Milan you expect to see a little more of a solid statement and a little bit more of a neutral color palette. The diversity was what interested me.

What’s your personal strategy for Paris and Milan and does it change between the two cities?
I love being in the circus of fashion and seeing all these beautiful clothes and working with them at the magazine but for myself I like to keep it really simple. I wear black Lacoste polos and jeans and a blazer. That’s pretty much my uniform, but you’ll see variations from time to time, like a white shirt and a black v neck like I’m wearing today but it’s usually always based around a blazer and a Lacoste polo shirt.

Do you have a favorite drink here in Paris?
In Paris I love going to Caviar Kaspia and having the little glasses of vodka that they give you before you have your meal. I like that a lot.

Is there a show that you’re looking forward to the most here in Paris?
I think it’s really a collective group. I love knowing that Adam Kimmel is doing a runway show here, which really excites me. I’m really excited about what Riccardo is doing at Givenchy and I’m really excited to see Dior and I have to say Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton is really going to be an exciting moment.

Final question: what sort of shoes are those? What size?
Common Projects. And what size? 13… so I can’t do much shoe shopping in Paris. They don’t go above an 11. I can definitely buy clothes here, but not shoes.

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