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Editor's Pick: ACNE Jeans Princeton Jacket

It’s really the rare occasion when you’ll hear me say, “I don’t think I could pull it off.” Mostly because I think that line of thinking is a bit of a cop out. When it comes to leather jackets though, I often venture down this treacherous path of self-limitation. I appreciate quality leather jackets, I just don’t find myself craving one. I don’t know, maybe it’s because black leather doesn’t really fit with near-translucent skin. This wool jacket from ACNE Jeans has many details that knowingly nod to the leather moto (asymmetrical, metallic zippers) that blend nicely with subtler details like nylon sleeves and a banded elastic waist. It’s a hybrid from the forward thinking Swedes that I crave and allows me to express my lasting appreciation for a garment (the black leather jacket) I’ll probably never wear.

ACNE Jeans, on sale today at 9pm ET, on Gilt MAN.

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