I am one of those men for whom a jacket functions as a carry-all. The phone goes in this pocket, the Moleskine in that one, keys, chapstick and sunglasses here, pocket square there. Up until the moment I moved out of LA, in fact (basically so that I could wear a tie every day), my daily uniform was a thrift store suit over a tee shirt and vans and I never needed a bag. So, as summer descends, I’m thinking that, instead of ditching the blazer with all its necessary nooks, I’m dumping the shirt and tie. As casual as our office is, it isn’t so Cali chillaxed that I could sport a Papas & Beer tee under the Brooks Brothers, so I’m opting for this slightly more pulled-together henley. As Chace Crawford showed us recently, a striped crew neck with four or five buttons gives you a warm weather effortlessness under a suit that keeps you looking like a grown up.

Converse by John Varvatos on sale today at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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