Too often, there’s what’s “eco-friendly,” and then there’s what’s “cool.” You know, a Prius is good for the planet, but a Ferrari is fun., the site founded by Adrian Grenier and his partner Peter Glatzer, is devoted to bridging the gap between sustainability and style, and while it doesn’t currently feature any Magnum P.I.-era Ferarris retrofitted with hybrid V-8s, the site does contain a wide array of clothes, gear and other lifestyle products that are so cool and well designed that you’d have no idea they were actually environmentally friendly. All of which means we are thrilled to be partnering with Adrian and SHFT for a curated sale on Gilt MAN, which goes live today at noon ET. It’s hard to choose just one Editor’s Pick, so I’m picking three: the Meteor Squaretail skateboard made from repurposed hardwood scrap (love the blue wheels); a khaki windbreaker from Nau; and this sleek table, made in L.A. from reclaimed wood, from SQ Collection.

Shop Sustainable Style: Adrian Grenier and SHFT today at noon ET.

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