Friday Tastings: Brugal Blanco Especial

Brugal isn’t well-known in the States, but it’s the top selling rum in the Caribbean, outselling Bacardi by a nine to one ratio across the islands, and holding more than 80% of the market in the Dominican Republic (where the brand is headquartered). In 1888, founder Don Andres Brugal essentially started the industry in the D.R., using the rum-making know-how he’d learned in Cuba. And that’s more information than you’re likely to need regarding Brugal over your next round of Daiquiris (without risking Cliff Clavin comparisons). Here’s the takeaway: their Blanco Especial, just released this spring, should make your summer grocery list. It’s rounded, with light vanilla tones, and cheap (under $20), with enough zip for mixing. We brought ours to a party, and used it for a batch of strawberry mojitos. People were happy. The next morning, the Blanco was dead, and we couldn’t remember killing it. Which is just how a bottle of white rum should be employed.

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