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1 Python Brim Cap; 1 Couture Murakami Jesus Piece

Sometimes, the most effective way to understand the world is through cold, hard data. Fashion week is most certainly not one of those times, but that didn’t stop us from asking our friend Lawrence Schlossman (of Sartorially Inclined and How to Talk to Girls at Parties fame) for some help in quantifying the Spring ’12 collections. Here, he quantifies the first day of Paris.

0 – Triumphant returns by John Galliano.

1 – Triumphant return by Kim Jones.
1 – Extremely terrifying, yet amazing, Sith Lord procession to end the Rick Owens show.
1 – Snakeskin Mavs snapback. Thank you, Kanye.

2 – Jesus pieces. Thank you, Kanye.
2 – Designers not only pushing mandals, but mandals and socks.
2 – Examples of S/S shearling.
2 – Canadian tuxedos at Mugler.

3 – Evening looks from Viktor & Rolf that prominently featured electric blue.
3 – Moto-inspired pieces of outerwear. [This number cruncher senses a trend.]

4 – Examples of the bandanna ascot at Louis Vuitton.
4 – Colors used in Rick Owens – Black, white, gray and beige.

5 – Pairs of shorts worn over pants.
5 – Examples of S/S tartan.
5 – Massive monogram trunks serving as the backdrop for the Louis Vuitton show.

6 – Pairs of chaps at Yohji Yamamoto (bonus side stat: 1 – designer, Yohji Yamamoto, who makes something like this even remotely work).

10 – Barefoot looks at Adam Kimmel

17 – Classic, wearable menswear looks from newcomer Ami

23 – Skirt/dress suits for men at Rick Owens

25 – Double monk strap creepers at Mugler

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