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Just a scoop of gelato away from nailing every, single trend in one photo.

Sometimes, the most effective way to understand the world is through cold, hard data. Fashion week is most certainly not one of those times, but that didn’t stop us from asking our friend Lawrence Schlossman (of Sartorially Inclined and How to Talk to Girls at Parties fame) for some help in quantifying the Spring ’12 collections. First up: a “data”-driven take on Pitti Uomo.

0 – Appearances by Nick Wooster’s beard
1 – Gentleman wearing bracelets his kids made in arts and crafts class
1 – Father who remembered it was “Bring Your Son To Work” day
1 – Three-button jacket that didn’t look like it belonged on ESPN
1 – Boy Scout who got lost on his way to his troop meeting and ended up in Florence
2 – Friends who are no longer on speaking terms
2 – Jacket/bag hybrids for those looking to scale back their spending
3 – Pesko and Wooster brodowns after the showdown
3 – Guys who picked a curious place to hold a cult meeting
3 – Sets of grown men in matching outfits
3 – Suits or jackets that look like they were made from your grandmother’s drapes
4 – Denim sportcoats
4 – Lino snaps
4 – Streetstyle bloggers getting streetstyle blogged by a streetstyle blogger
4 – Sportcoats look like Laffy Taffy (copyright Willy Wonka/Cameron Giles)
7 – Appearances by Nick Wooster’s mustache
10 – Highest number of wrist accoutrements spotted on a single person
29 – Double-breasted jackets
83 – Blue sportcoats

Check back throughout the week to get the numbers of Milan and Paris.

And check out STREETFSN for continuing coverage of the scene outside the shows in Milan and Paris.

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  1. jake says:

    double breasted jackets. why oh why

  2. Erik says:

    Are all these bright/ocean/light blue sportcoats strictly daytime wear, or do you see them at night as well? Any adjustments you would suggest to transition to a dinner or drinks out?

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