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The Gilt MAN Q&A: Jordan Silver of Silver Lining Opticians

Talking vintage frames and the best pair of glasses ever made with New York's own eyewear expert.

Jordan Silver and Erik Sacher’s Soho eyewear store, Silver Lining Opticians–housing both new and vintage frames–has been a mecca for shoppers looking for something slightly off the beaten path. Combining a wealth of industry knowledge with peerless taste, Silver has managed to turn his store into something of an eyewear museum. In light of his specially curated Silver Lining Vintage Gilt MAN sale this Friday, we asked Jordan about his picks, his favorites, and the one frame he’d never live without.

I’ve got to say, we’re really excited for this sale. You could have taken several approaches to it–how did you approach this? What did you want to include?
I really wanted to get people oriented to vintage eyewear. These are really the origins of different styles. Each piece here is the start of a great eyewear collection. They each tell you where they came from, you know, there’s little details. There is a functionality built in there.

Do you somehow respect or give these luxury companies, that people hold in high regard, credit for paying homage to this past functionality?
They don’t even know they’re referencing them! All the brands that people hold in high regard earned that for things other than eyewear. It’s all licensing now. It’s like cosmetics. A logo just moves from one design to the other, year after year.

So what are some new brands that you’re feeling?
Barton Perreira, Garret Leight, L.A. Eyeworks. Basically people that own their craft.

Taking a step and looking at things a bit more broadly, how are you feeling about men’s style at the moment?
I’m excited for summer. Hopefully this whole lumberjack thing is over. I really respect men getting into their own personal style. How you dress and carry yourself really is directly related to how you feel.

Finally, a tough question, you basically have every piece of eyewear ever made, but you have to go with one, only one for the rest of your life. What it is?
1970s Persol 6000 series. It’s really the most masculine cat-eye ever. I wear it in white, tortoise shell, black. It’s the only frame I tell my wife to buy at retail. (Ed. Note: Here’s Mario Sorrenti, at his recent photo exhibit, in these vintage Persols)

Gilt MAN Finds: Vintage Sunglasses Curated by Silver Lining Vintage, on sale Friday, June 3rd at noon ET, on Gilt MAN.

Below, preview eight of our favorite vintage styles from this exclusive Silver Lining and Gilt MAN sale.


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