I once had the good fortune of meeting Richard Walker, the creator of Blinde Eyewear, through a mutual friend. For the next couple of hours we talked about skate ramps, the greatest surfers in the world, our favorite artists and their collection of other artist’s work—your average, everyday SoCal rap session. But somehow (read: at my persistent needling) the conversation then turned to Walker’s process for making his specs, and more specifically those commissioned for The Matrix movies. After trying to replicate a pair of mineral glass frames he’d found in Italy, Walker said he’d struck on the idea of sculpting a pair of glasses to get just the right curvature to fit his face, molding it, and producing them in mass. That first style, the Bagel, sold about a zillion units and he was then asked by my friend, costume designer Kym Barrett, to produce Neo’s locs. I wish I understood better what he was talking about when he described the 3-dimensional balance he worked hard to achieve with his frames, but the point is, when you get a pair of Blinde’s that fit you (like these tortoise aviators I’m grooving on), they feel as though they were sculpted just for you (if not that, you are the one and can bend spoons), and that Walker had then gone and broken the mold.

Blinde Eyewear on sale today at noon ET on Gilt Man.

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