I might ruffle the feathers of a few Chuck Taylor enthusiasts out there by saying this, but the Jack Purcell may well be my favorite classic sneaker from Converse. Maybe it’s that “smile” detail on the toe cap. Perhaps it’s because they’re just slightly less popular than the All Star, so I’m marginally less likely to bump into someone wearing my exact shoes on my morning commute. Or maybe it’s just that I’m exponentially better at Mr. Purcell’s sport of choice, badminton, than I am at Mr. Taylor’s. (I’m not saying I’m good at badminton, mind you, but I am sincerely terrible at basketball.) Most likely, it’s a little bit of all of those things. Well, that, plus the whole “impeccably stylish sneakers that go with damn near everything” side of the coin. This pair, in a cool gray with purple undertones, would be a great addition to any guy’s footwear arsenal.

Converse, on sale today at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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