This past weekend, while lounging by the side of a pool in a pair of chinos—and getting a mighty fine sunburn in the process—it became painfully apparent to me that I need a pair of swim trunks. I’m well aware of the complete absurdity of a grown man being without a water-friendly garment, but I’m not often in the mood for swimming (the aforementioned proclivity for sunburn is the culprit for that attitude) and my old standby trunks were jettisoned last summer because they were falling apart. So there I was, sitting by the pool in my trousers, staring longingly at the water. If I had these trunks by the recently resurrected Lightning Bolt, in a quick-drying nylon and cotton blend and a great shade of olive green, the situation would have been exponentially more enjoyable.

Lightning Bolt, on sale at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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