If you’re like me the kitchen is the nerve center, the main hub of activity in your home. There are no props here. If not exactly spartan, the household armory holds only essentials. Everything has been carefully chosen for its effectiveness, ergonomics and design. And nothing goes through as extensive a vetting program as your go to knife—the single most-used tool in the kitchen outside of your hands. I’ve long been a santoku devotee, starting off with the hollow blade, optimal for slicing. But about 5 years ago my pops gave me a black 6″ ceramic knife that would have looked at home in Batman’s arsenal, and I’ve never looked back. Light as a feather, sharp as the dickens, these nifty little toys’ll last you 5 years (providing you protect the tip like precious obsidian), slicing and dicing tomatoes, steaks and anything else you throw at ’em all the while. I probably have 15 knives in my present cache, including 5 ceramic numbers, and, aside from when carving a chicken, this exact model is the only one I ever use. So maybe I need one more.

Kyocera ceramic knives on sale at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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