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Morning Recon: Timothy Olyphant Talks, Simon Spurr Sails, Raf Simons in Berlin and More

Every day we get up early to scan the web for the best in men's style. And then we go grab a coffee. After that, we sit down and bang out a blog post. Here it is.

Olyphant in 'Justified'

Timothy Olyphant says we should all aim to be the most interesting man in the world.

ArtInfo’s got some never-before-seen pics of The Beatles.

Watch the live stream of Ritchie Charlton, Managing Director of Hayward, as he cuts a bespoke jacket over the course of three days.

Giuliani said shopping equals freedom.

Simon Spurr’s sailing team—wait, what?—just won a regatta.

Raf Simons curates an avant garde art show in Berlin.

Uniqlo is replacing Jil Sander with Jun Takahashi for their esteemed collabo series.

Mister Natalie Portman is the face of YSL L’homme Libre. And he dances on people’s lunch.

Lenny Kravitz is designing a hotel in Miami.

Bullett talks to Lower East Side legend Clayton Patterson.

Our pal Mister Mort snaps London.

CNN goes inside Frank’s favorite place.

Wanna see almost a year’s worth of screen shots from Yeah you do.

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