Beef Up That Knot

Because sometimes you want a little extra substance in your neckwear game.

Aside from the fact that it was the easiest one for your dad to teach you before your third grade orchestra recital, the four-in-hand is many a guy’s go-to tie knot for good reason. It’s not too stuffy, and it’s incredibly versatile. But it’s also narrow, and sometimes you want something with more heft to fill out the space on a spread or cutaway collar (or just because that’s the kind of mood you’re in that day). Enter the double-four-in-hand. It’s everything that’s great about the standard four-in-hand, with just a touch more oomph. Plus, it’s easy as hell to tie.

And by easy, we mean really easy. You know that key step in your standard four-in-hand procedure—the part where you wrap the wide end of the tie around the skinny end? Double it. (The name makes sense now, huh?) Just wrap it around twice instead of once, then pull the wide end up, around, and through like normal. Adjust for a perfect dimple, and you’re done. Now feel free to take to the streets and out-sprezz your fellow neckwear aficionados to your heart’s delight.

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  1. john says:

    I have to say, I’m not thrilled that this secret is out of the bag. its been my go-to knot for years. looks like i’ll have to switch to the Onasis…

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