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Burkman Bros.

The two (actual) brothers ditched corporate design for Far Eastern-flavored takes on classic American favorites.

Doug and Ben Burkman grew up together in Canada (being brothers and all), designed together (at Gap Inc.), and now, helm an eponymous line perfectly suited to the ex-pat prep schooler, dharma bumming it through post-colonial India. Think oxford-lined madras shirts, khakis, twill shorts and the au courant tribal-print shirt, whose fabric was sourced from a Sri Lankan market. The mash-up has caught the attention of Barneys, both flagship and Co-op locations, GQ (who bestowed them with a Best New Designers in America award last year), and someone close to our hearts, the soon-to-be-launched Park & Bond.

Since beginning in 2008, the brothers Burkman continue to rack up flight miles in the six-figures every year, visiting fabric shops and flea markets in Bangkok, Mumbai, and Penang for the South Asian influences that permeate the clothes (with a quick surfing stop-off in Waikiki thrown in for good measure). The result is the rugged casualness of classic American menswear but with the colors and fabrics of a spice market. It’s the perfect match for a longboard in Phuket, Singha in hand as you sit on the beach and contemplate scaling the Himalayas, in style.

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