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Sound Check: DJ Shadow "Warning Call"

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When DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing sent every rap head, originals fiend, and music nerd on an Easter egg hung to decode the album’s epic sampling pastiche, the expectation was that this was the idiom Mr. Davis would always work in. Everyone was wrong. As 2006’s The Outsider proved, Shadow’s genre interests run as wide as his famous record collection runs deep, and he’s pretty unapologetic about exploring them. “Warning Call”—from his forthcoming album The Less You Know, The Better—features the London-born Tom Vek and a jittery, slow-burning guitar that sounds like it could have come from fellow Brits Bloc Party or The Good, The Bad, and The Queen. In other words, it doesn’t sound anything like your expectations of a DJ Shadow album… and he couldn’t be happier about that.

DJ Shadow “Warning Call” (featuring Tom Vek) by GrillMarketing

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