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Sound Check: The Weeknd 'The Zone'

Getting you through your day with a kick in your step.

If you’re unsure who the man behind The Weeknd is, well, until recently that’d put you in fairly good company. See, no one knew who The Weeknd was. A cryptic Twitter feed and a self-released LP, House of Balloons, were all we could really go on. A couple of live shows changed things a bit and revealed Abel Tesfaye as the man behind the music. And what music it is. Conceptual, dark, dreamy R&B borrowing as much from Portishead as from R.Kelly. As it turns out, Balloons was just the first in a trilogy of mixtape albums from Tesfaye–Thursday being the second with Echoes of Silence to follow sometime in the near future. “The Zone” is a highlight from this second effort from The Weeknd and beats the melatonin-drip hip hop/R&B drum that is quickly becoming a signature for the artist as a young man. Even Drake manages to make an appearance without things getting too, um, Drake-y. And that’s a good thing.



The Weeknd – The Zone by The_Weeknd

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