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Nick Wooster Builds a Better Trade Show

Project Las Vegas gets a street style update from the inimitable "Woost God."
Photos: Courtesy of Nick Wooster

Nick Wooster holding court, rocking DB.

Project president Andrew Pollard has been on a mission to breathe new life into the trade shows he oversees, and his latest initiative—asking Gilt MAN fashion adviser Nick Wooster to curate an installation at this week’s Vegas show—was his best idea yet. Here, Josh Peskowitz talks to his colleague (and street style duel partner) about the, er, project. Turns out that Native American touches matter, but walls do not.

The Woost is loose in Las Vegas.
UH-HUH [Laughs]

Can I quote you on that?
[Laughs] Yes.

So let’s talk Project Wooster. Some of the brands that are in here aren’t showing at Project, and some haven’t even shown in the US before, so how did that work? Was it all about personal relationships?
Exactly, it was all based on my personal aesthetic and relationships.

Walls? Wooster don't need no stinkin' walls.

When it came to designing the space, how did that whole thing go?
I worked with a great guy named Brian Ware. I was presented with this triangle space and the first thing I asked was, “where are the walls?” It freaked me out because I’m used to a store space, so I kind of had a meltdown. Then I got over it and then we worked it out.

"A little bit of vintage, a little bit Native American, and some of the best brands in the world."

It looks amazing. Where did you get the idea for the tepee?
Darren Romanelli.

Speaking of which, Dr. Romanelli did some exclusive pieces for this exhibit, are there any other specials or exclusives?
The Parabellum guys partnered with Blackman Cruz to produce some exclusive furniture.

Oh that stuff is crazy! It’s exclusive? Excellent. Who else are you excited about?
I’m really happy to have Globe-Trotter and Mackintosh here, because for me, one of the coolest jackets of the season is theirs with the navy and white sailor striped interior. For me it’s the piece you gotta have. The Drumohr cashmere sweaters in the acid colors are really awesome too. I mean, I like it all.

Well, yeah. It’s the Nick Wooster experience. It’s the inside of your head.
Exactly! If I were going to open a store, this is what it would look like.

A little bit of vintage, a little bit Native American, and some of the best brands in the world.
Yes that’s exactly right.

Just during set-up, some of the other exhibitors were looking in, all wide-eyed, has that been going on all day?
Yes, we’re still setting but the response so far has been overwhelming and really positive, it’s very flattering. I have to give a huge thanks to Project for making it happen.

Project Wooster runs through this Wednesday, August 24th, at Project Las Vegas.

"Shorts at work? Allow me to demonstrate..."

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