The Duckie Brown show usually entails some sort of theater. The runway is a stage after all, and with the Duckies you get some added value to the normal lights up, models out chronology. The season that immediately came to the minds of those sitting around me was the silent show. No music. Dead silence. This season, everything was laid out to bare. In a light-filled studio, to a grimy base beat with reworked Missy Elliot lyrics, there was nothing to focus on, or speak of, except the clothes. Which, by the way, is why all of us are there. Between the ample black nylon and silk floral prints was this heavy work shirt. At first glance a suede, but upon further inspection, beeswax cotton. Make no mistake, this was no shirt. This is a piece of outerwear in the guise of shirting, with large buttons and flap pockets borrowed from your favorite Barbour. And yes, that chest pocket can fit a couple shells.

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