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Fall Trends: Distressed Denim

Please note: do not by any means toss away your raw denim. Like oxford shirts and wingtips, they will never go out of style. While cliched words like “timeless” and “iconic” may often be used to describe them, here they actually resonate. However, one can’t wear the same pair of pants everyday, even those made from unwashed denim. This past New York Fashion Week we saw a ton of jeans come down the runway in various degrees of distress. For us, we’re answering this SOS call a season ahead of time. Part two of Gilt MAN’s Fall Trend sales takes a look at distressed denim and all the ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe, no matter the occasion. From a casual pairing with a stripped shirt or even a jean jacket (it’s not just for truckers anymore), to a dressed-up look with tie and jacket, distressed denim should have a place in your closet rotation. After all, every good raw denim aspires to be distressed one day.

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