Dispatches from Spring '12

Hyden Yoo

There really was one common trend that consistently ran throughout the day before New York Fashion Week’s official start: sweating. It was rainy and muggy. Very muggy. Which was actually quite befitting of Hyden Yoo’s spring presentation. The setting—in Chelsea’s Maritime Hotel—was a humid, moist post-colonial lounge, straight out of French Indochina. With birds of paradise adorning walls, models lounged about, diorama-style, in a color scheme best described as beige safari, with a healthy dose of white. Yet, upon closer inspection you realized that, no, these clothes weren’t a strict interpretation of the past. This is what you would wear, right now, in hotter climes. The star of the show had to be a expertly-crafted cotton khaki trench. A departure from the overall theme, but a welcome one at that.

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