On the Tube

Last Call for Alcohol

In Ken Burns's newest doc the filmmaker tackles America's strangest days, Prohibition.

Photo: Courtesy PBS

As we eagerly anticipate this afternoon’s Frosty Beverage Report, we’re also aware that for thirteen years in our nation’s history our favorite Friday post wouldn’t have been possible—and not just because the Internet hadn’t been created yet. Which is why Sunday night we’ll be grabbing a rocks glass and sitting down with Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s massive new Prohibition documentary, on PBS. Prohibition might have only been a footnote in your high school studies but the story behind America’s “Great Experiment” is infinitely more fascinating than just The Untouchables and some recent moonshine marketing. From creating the cruise industry to introducing the legal concept of the plea bargain, Prohibition’s influence is still being felt nearly 70 years after it ended, as anyone who’s ever tried to buy beer on Sunday in a “Blue Law” state will testify to.

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  1. Dana says:

    I like it …. this article is good

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