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Morning Recon: The Birth of Sprezz, iPhone 5 Rumors, Dylan's Photos, and More

Every day we get up early to scan the web for the best in men's style. And then we go grab a coffee. After that, we sit down and bang out a blog post. Here it is.

Birthday suit.

The American Scholar gives Kerouac and Kesey’s agent’s account of when the two counterculture minds met.

Watch Don Draper pitch the concept… of Facebook.

Will the iPhone 5 have a hologram display and instantly tweet your fears? Add it to the rumor list.

Bob Dylan’s photographs are exhibited, and fans wonder if he didn’t “pull a Fairey.”

And speaking of dubious art, a forger in German court boasts that he faked $22 million worth of paintings.

Happy birthday to the sultan of sprezzy, Marcello Mastroianni.

We’d gladly ditch the train for a bike commute to work, if there wasn’t that whole “getting door-ed” thing.

Remember Geocities? Neither does anyone else.


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