Dispatches from Spring '12


It isn’t often that you can categorize a men’s show in New York as highly conceptual, ambitious performance art. Other than the occasional flash mob (see: Moncler, Warby Parker), it’s normally a fairly straight forward affair. Exception to the rule: N.Hoolywood. In the months following his fall show, designer Daisuke Obana must have spent plenty of time with the Alfred Hitchcock canon, with specific attention paid to the mid-century modern cinematic stylings of composer Bernard Herrmann and graphic designer Saul Bass. With jumbled credits rolling from a variety of films like Vertigo and Around the World in Eighty Days, Obana presented a collection that channeled the dreamlike aesthetic of Mr. Bass. Overlapping stripes and shadowed graphics brought the Bass-inspired conceptual world into the tangible, wearable realm.

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