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The Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Estate Sale Preview

A film legend's personal collection goes on the auction block, wingtips included.

Photo: Courtesy Doyle New York

You don’t live life as the son of Hollywood royalty, train with British commandos during WWII, and marry Joan Crawford without leaving behind some really, really cool stuff. That’s our takeaway from Doyle New York’s fascinating preview of their Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. estate sale, which begins tomorrow. Fairbanks, Jr. managed to pull off all of the above—you can do that when your father is a silent film legend and you spend your own days as an actor/Naval intelligence officer—and then reaped the rewards of his success, which apparently included packing a giant Louis Vuitton steamer trunk with Lilly Pulitzer swimwear and some light beach reading, courtesy of Salvador Dali, for a little R&R.

From a serious pocket square collection to the odd rehearsal sword, Doyle’s auction provides a rare glimpse into a Golden Age film star’s life, including his taste in footwear.

Click below for our favorite picks from the sale. (All photos courtesy Doyle New York.)


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