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Big Daddy IPA

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After spending a not-unsubstantial amount of time completely rapt by the new Ken Burns doc on Prohibition this past week, I really couldn’t help myself when I was picking out a beer for today’s review. Speakeasy Brewing, a San Francisco-based outfit with a pair of shifty eyes for a logo? How apropos.

I went for their Big Daddy IPA, and after drinking it, I’m pleased to say my superficial decision turned out to be a good one. It pours a golden amber, with a thick, almost sticky head. Pretty typical of a West Coast IPA, but a good looking brew nonetheless. When it comes to smell and flavor, well… it’s no secret that I like my hops, and Big Daddy delivers ‘em in a big way (three Pacific Northwest varieties, in fact). Pine and citrus dominate the nose, and the taste is equally hoppy, though it’s tempered by just a bit of toasted malt character to round out the bitterness. The finish is nice and dry, and with a relatively light body, I’m honestly surprised I managed to stop after just one.

Big Daddy IPA is available in selected markets throughout the US. A six-pack of 12 oz. bottles should run you about $12-14.

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