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A little while back, I received an email from our own Tyler Thoreson with a subject line that read simply: “Good beer.” Of course, I opened it immediately. In the body of that fateful communiqué was a heads-up about a local Minnesota brewery called Surly Brewing Co. Founded in 2004, it makes a particularly noteworthy American IPA called Furious. After another round of electronic back-and-forth, a few phone calls, and a couple weeks, I’d managed to get my hands on four, 16 oz. cans of the stuff. Then, in an uncharacteristic display of self-control, I managed to let them sit until yesterday afternoon, when the MANual team dove in for a taste test. The consensus? The email was right: This is damn good beer.

Furious pours a deep, dark amber, with a nice two-finger head that settles into some truly impressive lacing. The smell is all piney and citrusy hops. The taste opens the same way, with a huge smack of hoppy goodness, but finishes with a nice dry malt flavor. It’s remarkably well balanced, and though the can isn’t shy about the slightly out-there IBU count (99), it doesn’t taste overly bitter when you’re drinking it. We started with two cans split between four people, but thanks to an easy-drinking medium body and the simple fact that it really is that good, those other two cans were dispatched in short order. Surly, if you’re reading this: Send beer.

A couple of choice quotes from the team:

Is that an energy drink?

This tastes like the exact opposite of how the can looks.

Felt it was an IPA I would actually drink, since 99% of them taste like hop bombs to me.

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  1. Monarose says:

    How are we to send you some more beer if we can’t figure out how to get a hold of you? :-)

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