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Gilt MAN Finds: hook + ALBERT

It’s often the little things, otherwise known as the finer details, that can make a man. Perhaps that’s why we spend so much time here discussing things like pocket squares or pairing the right tie knot with the proper collar. Not everyone will notice these things, but those who do will appreciate it; as a whole they bring a look together; and, hell, it makes you feel good about yourself. Enter into this essential mix shoelaces and socks. Socks have quickly become an area of experimentation for guys – a place to mix in some color into an otherwise monochromatic look. Laces, or should we say colored laces, we once only seen on hiker boots and in a blood red. No longer. Today on Gilt MAN, we introduce hook + ALBERT, a brand focusing on laces and socks, in a vibrant array of colors. On the little things, if you will, that make the man.


Gilt MAN Finds: hook + ALBERT socks and shoelaces, on sale today at Noon ET.

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