Have a Half-A** Halloween

Three costume ideas for the last-minute crowd.

These kids? Not even trying.

So you don’t have a costume yet. Well, you could head out to one of those seasonal superstores and slog through their picked-over selection, but why bother? Everything left is terrible. Try one of these three DIY-friendly ideas, instead. You might end up looking like a jackass, but at least you won’t look like a jackass that slapped down $75 for the privilege.

Option 1: Bed Sheet Ghost
Yeah, that old standard. You probably donned the getup at least once as a kid. It’s boring, but what it lacks in creativity, it makes up for in sheer nostalgia.
Pros: It’s about as easy as you can get on the fabrication front—acquire white sheet, cut out eye holes, place white sheet on head. Bam. You’re a ghost.
Cons: The sheet will inevitably shift after you put it over your head, effectively blinding you in the process. Also, the cultural implications of a white hood get a little prickly once you pass puberty.

Option 2: Cardboard Box Robot
Despite the fact that they’re clearly hell-bent on the destruction—or at least the enslavement—of all humans, everyone loves robots. Plus, all you need is a few boxes of varying sizes, maybe some tubing, a sharpie, and paint (if you’re feeling inspired) to put it together.
Pros: Like we said: Robots!
Cons: You can’t really move, you won’t be able to sit down, drinking is barely possible, and should you manage it, going to the bathroom afterwards is even more difficult.

If you do go greaser, you'll probably want to avoid this particular approach.

Option 3: Greaser
This is probably your best bet, to be honest. If you’ve got a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and boots, you’ve got everything you need to pull it off. Well, that and a ton of pomade. (Bonus points for a leather jacket or a pack of cigarettes rolled in your sleeve.)
It’s easy, you’ve got the components in your closet already, and you can go about your evening in relatively normal fashion—though you should probably run a comb through your hair and deliver a hearty “Eh!” at least once.
Cons: It’s barely a costume, especially if you’re a T-shirt and jeans guy.

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