The Dalmore x Lutwyche Brogues

Photo: Courtesy Born Rich

At this point, we feel like we’ve seen pretty much every collaboration possible, including some truly curious ones (The Muppets x Opening Ceremony comes to mind), but whisky and shoes—ok, that’s new to us. Seems that Scotland’s The Dalmore has partnered with England’s Lutwyche to produce a pretty handsome pair of short-wings. Lutwyche, who is known more for its bespoke tailoring than its footwear, purchased Lodger last year from its founder and has been steadily working on building a line of Northampton-made shoes. For its collaboration with The Dalmore (a shoes-meets-booze first, as far as we know), Lutwyche went with a custom fit, deerskin brogue, the chosen material being a nod to Dalmore’s famous stag logo. Each pair comes with a bottle of the distillery’s King Alexander III, which will help take the sting out of the $862 retail price. Our only gripe is the obvious missed opportunity to go with a scotch grain upper.

[via Born Rich]

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