The Dockers Comeback Continues

Though it’s true that Dockers wasn’t exactly on the forefront of style those many years ago—the phrase “dad pants” comes to mind—it’s impossible to argue with the fact that these guys have really turned the ship around over the last few seasons. Collaborations with Steven Alan, Patrik Ervell, Michael Bastian, Miller’s Oath, and others have proved they’re serious about breathing new life into things, and lines like the Alpha Khaki continue to point the focus where it belongs: On fit. So despite the freezing rain, we headed out last night to check out the new wares from their Spring-Summer ’12 collection. Despite a strong showing from that contrast club collar shirt, the consensus was that these camo print pants were right at the top of the heap, and as Mr. Jonathan Evans pointed out, after a season full of digi-camo it was nice to see the return of a larger pattern. My dad wouldn’t even have recognized them.

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