The Loneliness of the Long-Term Barber

We’re lucky that, here in NYC, a whole new generation of young men are keeping up the barbering tradition, at places like The Blind Barber and F.S.C. Barber. But that’s not the case everywhere, as this short film poignantly shows. London barber “Mr. S” claims that his family has been in the business for a century, although times aren’t what they used to be. That doesn’t stop a steady stream of regulars from dropping by for a cut though, discussing everything from avoiding the Beatles wig back in the day to newcomers commenting on the neighborhood’s warts. (Mr. S himself admits that some he knows only as “faces and heads.”) With all the behind-the-scenes factory videos circulating around this one is an intimate look at another type of heritage brand.

[via Brain Pickings]

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