A Great Pair of Leather Gloves

You'll be wearing them every day during the colder months. Make sure you've got something worthy of that much time in the spotlight.
Like a glove

Photo: Everett Digital

Winter can be cruel to the unprepared. And while we’re not saying it’s always Donner Party-style viciousness, you still have to be ready for the other problems the cold weather can bring. Overactive radiators and black ice slip-and-falls aside, there’s one persistently irritating aspect of life that can’t be ignored when the temperature drops and the winds kick up: Frozen hands (and the attendant dryness and chapping that go with them). Pockets can help on this front, but really, you need gloves.

But there are gloves—the sub-$10 kind you pick up from a sidewalk vendor that fall apart within a week—and then there are gloves. We’re talking about something that, without a doubt, costs a little (or a lot) more than those throwaway varieties. Something made from nappa leather or deerskin, and maybe even lined with cashmere or rabbit fur. Something that doesn’t just keep your fingers warm, but elevates your entire look at the same time. Something you won’t need freaking mitten-clips to remember when you’re leaving the restaurant. (And something you’ll be willing to immediately call about in the unlikely event you do leave them at the table.) Yes, it’s a purchase that’ll require you to drop down a few hard-earned dollars. But you’re a grown up now. No more kid gloves.

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