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The Italian purveyors of exclusive fabrics, exacting fits, and perhaps the best argument for specialization we’ve ever seen.

OK, so it kind of sounds like it could be the name of a company that supplies parts for hovering treadmills in The Land of Tomorrow!™, but Incotex isn’t actually as new school as all of that. The brand got its start back in 1951 in Venice, under the moniker Carlo Compagno Confezioni. And though it was initially envisioned as a manufacturer of trousers and uniforms, by the 1970’s, things had shifted. The Campango sons—Roberto and Marzio, who still own the company today—had taken over, started selling directly to retailers, and renamed the operation Incotex. They also decided to focus solely on trousers. Seems like a little thing, perhaps. It wasn’t.

With specialization came a near-obsessive commitment to quality, and Incotex began a slow rise to cult status among an international cadre of gents committed to finding the perfect pair of pants. Now, as a part of Italian brand collective Slowear, the company is regarded by many as one of the best—possibly the best—manufacturer of trousers and chinos in the world. Why? It all comes down to cloth, construction, and cut. Instead of sourcing from just any mill, Incotex has created a slew of exclusive fabrics for their wares. Details like curtained waistbands, expertly finished interiors, and tab front closures—stuff that many makers consider a bonus—come standard. And the fit? Well… it’s pretty much perfect. Don’t believe us? Guess you’ll just have to try ‘em on for yourself.

Incotex, on sale now on Gilt MAN.

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